Storytelling and Poetry Reciting Chair

KEYWORDS: Digital Fabrication, Storytelling, Physical Computing · YEAR: 2011 · TEAM: Individual project developed at IDAT Bcn & FabLab Bcn

The Storytelling Chair is a project which explores new behavioural possibilities of every-day objects.


The aim of the project is to explore expressive abilities of well-known objects and how these abilities can be enhanced with technology, hopefully resulting in new, more compelling objects. Chair is an object we are extremly familiar with and because of this seemed as an ideal pick. I wanted to explore what else could a chair be? How else could it behave?


The chair was produced by laser cutting and cnc routing at Fab Lab Barcelona. Material used was the abandoned furniture I found on the streets of Barcelona's neighbourhood Poble Nou. This is an important part of the project as it demonstrates how, by reusing material, we can reduce the production cost of products. The chair has been designed with a help of Sketch Chair software created by the guys from Diatom studio. From technical side it's a small system based on simple electronics and Arduino, which enables the chair to start telling stories or reciting poetry, when pressure is applied on the sitting part.

This is an on-going project and here presented is the first prototype. My intention is to further develop the concept by creating a system of objects with alerted or enhanced behaviours. If you are interested in supporting this project in anyway, please let me know.